HOW TO put social share buttons in your blog post

Blogger and WordPress both offer social media share buttons for your blog post. These are great, but if you are like me, my blogger share buttons do not always work correctly and I wanted something more customized. Now, you could use HTML to customize your share buttons and it really isn't that difficult, but I found a site that makes it super easy for anyone! [This is not a sponsored post]

ShareThis {www.sharethis.com} offers great options for anyone wishing to use social share buttons.

All You have to do is click the 'Get the Code' button in the middle of the screen to get started. It will then walk you through three steps - 1.Choose a Platform, 2.Select a Style, 3.Customize

As you can see, ShareThis offers several great platforms. Just simply choose the one you need!

In step two, you are given three different style options to choose from.

Finally, you are allowed to choose any customization options you would like, then all you have to do is click 'Get the Code.' Not only will ShareThis give you your social media share buttons but it will also walk you through how to install on your platform. So simple!

ShareThis also offers several analytic options as well that are worth checking out.


Yellow Umbrella is back!

It has been an extremely long time since I have blogged, and I mean a really long time. I never realized how much I would miss blogging if I ever stopped, and honestly it was never my intention to stop. However, sometimes life happens and you are forced to focus more on certain areas. I will share more in future posts about the reasoning behind my absence, and I hope I can jump back into the blogging community in the same capacity I once did. 

Today I thought I would start off simple and offer a FREE desktop background for September!
{If there are any additional sizes you would like please leave a comment below and let me know}